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Baseball Lessons For Life

Baseball lessons are a great way to give your child an advantage on the ball field.  They promote better form and technique, while also giving your child more confidence.  Baseball lessons help your child set and work towards goals, and even offer life lessons along the way.  At Replay Sports, we believe that good mechanics lead to good results.  Starting your child in baseball lessons, greatly improves their mechanics and knowledge of the game. This will have a direct impact on their chance for success One of our core values at Replay Sports is EXCELLENCE. We will always bring our best, because excellence honors God and inspires people. When an athlete brings their best, at games and at practice, they will be an inspiration to everyone around them. Whether your child is the best or worst athlete on the field, their consistency to bring excellence will make their team better. Baseball lessons with Replay Sports will help your athlete become a complete player. They will play with more confidence, more character and more charisma because of the lessons they learn here.

The Complete Baseball Player

Becoming a complete baseball player involves lot more than good form and technique. While we do believe that good mechanics lead to good results, we also believe that there are many intangibles. For as much physicality as there is in baseball, there is just as much, if not more, on the mental side of things. During private lessons, we want to help our athletes understand the WHY behind the WHAT. We can make all the changes and adjustments possible. We can perform drill after drill to ensure the changes become habit. But without a proper understanding of why those changes need to be made, the instruction is not complete! Your child needs to have an understanding about the game itself. Baseball is more than just hit, throw, pitch and run. There needs to be an appreciation for the game and the opponent. Their needs to be an understanding of the game and the opponent. When your child appreciates and understands these things, they become a more complete baseball player. It is then, that they are able to see the underlying cause and effect of why we do what we do. The process takes time, but baseball lessons are terrific for growing and developing your athlete into a complete baseball player.

Leading A Horse To Water

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink.” That’s our mindset at Replay Sports.We strive to provide a positive, encouraging environment during our baseball lessons. We want your child to love the game and desire to get better. Our coaches work hard to make the process as fun and smooth as possible. When an athlete is having fun, they are more likely to stay focused. And a focused athlete is a growing athlete. Baseball lessons give your athlete the tools to become a complete baseball player. But it is up to each individual athlete, and their parents, to put those tools to work. We cannot force an athlete to have that love for the game or desire to get better. As talented and knowledgeable as our coaches are, baseball lessons alone won’t turn your child into a Major League Baseball Player. Athletes become great on their own, outside of lessons and team practice.

What To Expect During A Baseball Lesson

Every child is different, therefore, every lesson with every athlete is unique. Different kids struggle with different things at different times. There is no universal “5 step program” that will guarantee your child has perfect mechanics at the end of the course. Without a doubt, there is always a method, but flexibility and common sense should also be factored into any method when working with a young athlete.We want to give your child the best possible advice with the most minimal change! Some things we can merge with a player’s comfort level, some things may have to completely change! Regardless, we want to develop your child into the best possible version of themselves. Each and every lesson we will evaluate your child. Depending on “where they are at” determines what we will work on. We will give them “homework” to do outside of lessons. Our coaches will offer practical steps, drills and exercises to help athletes master the “content” from their baseball lesson.

Making A Difference

Our mission at Replay Sports is to develop these athletes into game-changers off the field as well as on it. Because of that, our coaches will strive to be a positive influence and role model for your son or daughter. We long to instill our core values of excellence, service, stewardship, passion and integrity into every athlete that walks through our doors. We know that a child’s life outside of sports, will far outlive their life within sports. So we make it a priority to give every athlete training for life as well as for their sport. We will use the platform we are given in baseball lessons to train each player to be a great person. Great people know what it takes to work hard. They know what it means to play for a team and not just for themselves. Baseball lessons at Replay Sports will provide your child with “non-tangibles” that will simultaneously help them on and off the field.


Can your child be great without taking lessons? Yes, absolutely! Baseball lessons are not a requirement for your child to become great. Hard work, dedication, knowledge of the game and G0d-given talent; those are what your child needs. As mentioned earlier, baseball lessons give your child the proper tools to become effective. A long as your child has the proper tools, tangible and non-tangible, they can be great! Without the right knowledge and training however, they will never be able to know and reach their full potential. If you are interested in seeing what baseball lessons at Replay Sports are all about, we offer a $5 first lesson for all new athletes! This gives you a chance to get to know us and see if the one on one setting is what your athlete needs! Click The Button Below For More Information About Getting Started With Baseball Lessons! Get More Info Here!

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