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Softball lessons are that extra practice that most athletes need but aren’t getting. Some athletes need more help, some athletes don’t. We are here to help them get that additional practice through softball lessons. Practicing the wrong way is worse than not practicing at all. Practicing the wrong way inhibits the body’s natural reactions. At Replay Sports we believe; Practice turns theory into technique, technique into habit and habit into reaction. Softball lessons help change the body’s muscle memory to be able to practice correctly.

We offer softball lessons for pitching, hitting and defense. Depending on your athlete’s specific needs, we’ll play up the strengths and improve the weaknesses in your athlete’s game. Our coaching staff has played at the college or professional level, so you get unmatched advice and real world experience. We are committed to providing exceptional training in all facets of the game in positive yet challenging environment.

Solid Foundation

We want to provide athletes with the training and resources they need to be game changers, not only in their sports, but also their schools, their communities and the world around them. Softball lessons allow us to build a strong foundation at a young age. As they grow and get older the easier it is to make adjustments, and tweak small mechanical things here and there. Once a player builds a solid foundation, it will never leave! Good mechanics lead to good results!

Every athlete has their own identity. We might try to teach the same technique to every athlete that comes to a softball lesson, but each one will do it differently. Everyone has their own pitching, hitting and defense identity. We want to focus and develop techniques and skills that last. Initial strength gains will come from motor learning and nervous system development.

Passion Promotes Performance

Question the passion not the results. Passion creates work ethic, work ethic creates possibilities, and possibilities create happiness. Passion on the inside will help a player grow as a person in the long term more than someone who is results-oriented. During softball lessons we as coaches will never forget our love for the game. That passion is what fuels our purpose.

Athletes with passion and purpose love being engaged in all aspects of their training.  Of course, they may complain under the hot sun of a 3 hour softball practice, but in the big picture they appreciate all the hard work that goes into excelling in their sport.  To be clear – having passion and purpose does not imply an athlete will love every moment of training, but instead suggests that she has the heart and motivation to push through the tough times.

Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Girls have to FEEL good to Play good. Some athletes will have to work much harder than other to achieve their goals. There is no set formula or math problem to give an exact answer or solution when it comes to softball.  We can’t teach passion, but we can teach mechanics through softball lessons. Every athlete comes around in their own time. Don’t compare your athlete to another.

We want to surround your athlete in a positive atmosphere with strong role models, and a big support system. In that type of environment, your athlete soar when it comes to results. We will surpass any expectation. We succeed when we help others succeed. Mental toughness, while sometimes overlooked, is perhaps the most important sport psychology skill an athlete can develop in order to reach athletic greatness. While advancing your athletes skills to reach their full potential, we want to build confidence as well.

What To Expect

New athletes only have to pay $5 for their first 30 minute lesson. That allows us to not only get to know your athlete and how they learn but it gives them and you a chance to see how you like our coaches and how things work. Depending on”where they are at” determines what we will work on. Each and every lesson we will evaluate your child. Every athlete will have growth and development tracked, tested, and quantified. They will learn aspects of injury prevention, effective mechanics, balance coordination, power development, flexibility, speed, and strength.

In order for a player to get better they have to be willing to contribute to their own improvement. We can and will supply the expertise but only in hopes of teaching the athlete how to know what we know and how to use it themselves to improve on and ultimately eliminate their own mistakes. Athletes will have homework. Our coaches will offer practical steps, drills and exercises to help athletes master the “content” from their softball lesson.

You Are You’re Best Softball Coach

One’s mind is one’s greatest strength. It’s not enough that we know what the player did wrong – or right for that matter. The player has to learn how to know that for themselves. The reason we believe this is so crucial to a softball player’s improvement is that when the athlete finds herself in a game needing to either perform that skill successfully or else make an immediate correction – We aren’t there to tell that player what to do! The better a softball player is at knowing what changes she needs to make and knowing how to make them, the more successful she’ll be in competition.

Softball lessons are not a requirement for your child to become great. Hard work, dedication, knowledge of the game and God-given talent; those are what your child needs. As mentioned earlier, softball lessons give your child the proper tools to become game changers.  Without the right knowledge and training however, they will never be able to know and reach their full potential. Our aspirations are our possibilities.

If you are interested in seeing what softball lessons at Replay Sports are all about, we offer a $5 first lesson for all new athletes!This gives you a chance to get to know us and see if the one on one setting is what your athlete needs!

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