Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Batting Cages are a great way for athletes to get in many reps in a short amount of time. When the batting cages are indoors, it gives athletes the opportunity to practice, no matter what the weather is like. At Replay Sports, the indoor baseball facility can easily transform into much more than just batting cages. With the ability to retract all the batting cages, teams and individual players can take advantage of a wide-open space. This allows them to work on more than just hitting. It also gives football and soccer teams a chance to use the facility. Our entire practice area is covered with turf previously used on a high school football field. This gives a great look and comfortable feel while athletes from all sports are practicing.

Quality over Quantity

Baseball and softball players can get so much accomplished when taking advantage of batting cages. While quality is more important than quantity, a higher quantity of quality swings, gives the best of both worlds. In a completely controlled environment, athletes can perfect their swing without any external factors distracting them. Temperature, wind, lighting, hitting surface; these are all factors that can affect a player’s swing. When using indoor batting cages, these distractions are almost non-existent. With these external factors eliminated, the player can better focus on every detail of their swing.

The options are almost limitless as to what hitters can do in a batting cage. No matter a player’s age, a tee will be their best friend. There are also drills like underhand front toss, soft toss, bounce toss, back toss. We will address different drills and exercises in a later article.  Every successful athlete must take advantage of batting cages or they will not have enough time in the day to be a top hitter.

Taking a Knife to a Gun Fight

Expecting to be a great hitter without taking advantage of batting cages is like taking a knife to a gun fight and expecting to win. Can you take a knife to a gun fight and actually win? Absolutely! But most people probably like their chances a little better when their “weapons” are evenly matched with their opponent’s. The same is true about hitters who do use a batting cage versus a player who does not.

Hitters can be so much more efficient with their time in a batting cage than they can in an open field. Granted, hitting on a field is much more realistic, but a swing is a swing. If you are working to get better mechanics, a batting cage is just fine! The amount of time you waste chasing and picking up baseballs can be much better spent doing other things. Not to mention the amount of baseballs you lose when hitting in an open field, that money can be saved by keeping the baseballs contained in a batting cage.

More than Just Hitting

There is more to baseball however than just hitting. That is why the ability to have an open fielding area to practice in is ideal. Rain, snow, sleet or shine you can always get your fielding practice accomplished indoors. While it isn’t the ideal setting, it is perfect when you cant get outside. Thanks to the plush, grass-like turf at Replay Sports, players can field ground balls on a very realistic surface.

An indoor fielding area is a great place for the higher-level competitive teams to work on and perfect their bunt defense.  Coaches can also cover proper base running technique such as: sliding, leading off, secondary leads. Another great practice drill is to work on pick-offs and run downs. “Situational drills" can be the difference in a win or a loss and can be practiced just as effectively inside as they can outside.

Multi-Sport Facility

While baseball and softball are the main attractions for indoor batting cages, most facilities can accommodate so much more. Replay Sports often hosts football teams, soccer teams, birthday parties and even a number of different sporting events. Teams and individuals can use our 40'x60' practice area so many different ways. Think of it as a giant play room where you can practice almost any sport your heart desires!

If you are looking for a venue for your birthday party, we’ve got you covered! Maybe you want a place for your sports team to have their end of the year party, we can handle that! We are flexible and willing to work to meet your needs!

The batting cages at Replay Sports are extremely affordable and conveniently located in the heart of the Red Bud District in Owasso. With cage rentals starting as low as just $15 for a half hour, our prices can’t be beat. For the athletes that really want to take advantage of our indoor batting cages, we have memberships. Players can hit unlimited for an entire month for just $65!

Are you wanting more training for your child than what a batting cage rental can offer? Hire one of our extremely qualified baseball or softball instructors. All of our coaches have college or professional experience and would love an opportunity to help your child take their game to the next level. Click here to get your first baseball lesson or softball lesson for just $5!

Practice Like the Pros

At the end of the day you are going to get out what you put in. Do you want to waste your already limited time chasing down baseballs and looking for the ones that you lost sight of? Batting cages are a great solution to that problem and will allow you to be much more efficient as you work to help your athlete become a better hitter.

Still not convinced? Then maybe former Major League Baseball Player, Mark Antonelli can illustrate how important it is. In THIS VIDEO about pre-game batting practice on his YouTube channel, Mark says that “Most guys [in MLB]…I should not say MOST guys…EVERY guy is going to come in and hit in the cage and get loose before they hit on the field.” This just goes to show that even hitters at the highest level of baseball still hit in a batting cage because it is THAT important.

If you are interested in setting up some batting cage rentals for yourself of even becoming a Replay Sports member to take advantage of unlimited hitting, CLICK HERE!

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