We pay you on the spot, no strings attached, for your quality used sports equipment.


New & used equipment at affordable prices, relieving you from the high cost of sports.


Create your own discount by bringing in the quality used equipment you no longer need.

How's It Work?

We offer new and quality used sports and fitness equipment at an affordable price. Most kids outgrow their sports equipment before it's even broke in, teenagers want the "cool" brand name stuff and you just want to get the most for your money. If that sounds like you, then Replay Sports is the place to go!

We buy, sell and trade new and used sports and fitness equipment, giving you the opportunity to get just what you're looking for without "breaking the bank."

Bring in your gently used equipment for us to appraise.  We will give you cash on the spot or give you the trade-in value for you to use towards the purchase of "new-to-you" equipment.

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